Nos ateliers et conférences

Nos ateliers et conférences

Parce que nous partageons ce que nous aimons, BeYoguiEvent propose également des ateliers, lectures et conférences pédagogiques.

Atelier contes thérapeutiques

Le verbe guérisseur…

Bénédicte a développé sa propre méthode basée sur les « contes thérapeutiques ».

À travers cette guidance, vous allez entrer dans un univers imaginaire, parcourir des contrées et faire des rencontres déterminantes dans le but de dénouer certains blocages, ou juste libérer des énergies stagnantes.

🍀Un voyage extraordinaire sous forme de conte, imaginé et narré par Bénédicte, où l’auditeur a le rôle principal
🍀Un guidage intuitif et curatif
🍀Déblocage émotionnel
Bénédicte Reynaud travaille avec des individus et des groupes, en utilisant la relaxation, la visualisation et la pratique de la pleine conscience.

Lecture de votre Chemin d’âme

Lecture de votre chemin d’âme…

À travers cette séance, nous aborderons votre chemin d’âme pour cette vie, ce mandat d’incarnation qui vous est propre.

Nous examinerons également les éventuels blocages qui pourraient entraver votre épanouissement.

🍀Mieux comprendre ce que votre âme souhaite vivre
🍀Reconnexion avec votre véritable essence
🍀Un guidage intuitif avec de nouvelles clefs
Bénédicte vous aide à trouver un sens plus profond dans votre vie, à comprendre votre chemin personnel et à créer un alignement entre votre véritable nature et vos actions quotidiennes.

EFT Tapping workshop with Cyntia G Laycy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as ‘tapping’ is a healing tool under the umbrella of ‘Energy Psychology’. It has its origins based on the Chinese meridian system. The process involves two steps: ‘tuning in’ to specific emotional issues while stimulating certain meridian points on the body by ‘tapping’ on them with our fingertips. During this workshop series, you will learn about this self-healing technique, while exploring real issues such as limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. EFT can easily be learned by anyone.


Cyntia G Laycy is a psychologist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping) practitioner, and specialist in Mindfulness for kids. She has over 18 years of international experience in Clinical & Educational psychology. Since 2009 she has used Energy Psychology, including EFT in her practice. She received her MEd masters degree, NLP diploma and trained in EFT with the best in the field – 6 of the 29 EFT Founding Masters in the world: Gwyneth Moss, Carol Look, Karl Dawson, Sue Beer, Emma Roberts and Jacqui Crooks.

Now she works with individuals and groups, of both children and adults using EFT, psychology and mindfulness practice.

During her workshop series, Cyntia will introduce you to the EFT tapping technique, and provide you with opportunities for practice, self exploration and self healing. Some of the topics include: – What is EFT and how to tap – limiting beliefs that create self sabotage – working with different parts of ourselves – conflict resolution within – using language for change (reframing) – clearing old patterns

Marc-Antoine Picard Workshop BeYogui- www.beyoguievent.com

Discover your own character with Marc-Antoine Picard

Method used: Mindfulness and simple acting exercises

Duration: 2 times 90 mn.

We always say, “I am like this”, “I’m that type of person”, “I know my personality”…etc. But do you really know your own character? Are you really aware of the manifestation of your ego in your everyday life, not only when you have conflicts but also when you do small stuff like walking on the street? What if I invite you to discover this character that you play in your everyday life?

  • During the first session, I will guide you through different acting exercises that will help you observe yourself from non-judgemental perspective. Using fun and simple acting exercises, we will explore yourself “at the surface”, at the level of the ego.
  • On the second session, we will take a look at the foundation of all personalities. Using different mindfulness exercises and guided meditation we will take another perspective at this character that we play in our everyday life.

After performing more than 3500 shows with Cirque du Soleil, I decided to retire and use my experience in the world of entertainment to help others reach the best of their potential on stage and in their personal life. Therefore, I’ve directed and coached thousands of high-end performers from all around the globe for the past 20 years of my life. And let me tell you something, there is so much to be learned from the world of performing art! How about this whole thing that we call “life” is just a big comedy at the end? Another play in which you have attributed a role, a character, a mission.

  • This workshop is an opportunity to discover this thing that we call the “‘ego”. It is not about cranking it up. It is not about worshipping it. It’s about taking another perspective on ourselves, on our personality and PLAY with it. Believe me, when you are aware of the role the ego plays in your life, you are on a direct path to success, no matter what your goals are!
  • At the end of the workshop, you should have the tools to look at yourself from a place of peacefulness and bliss. I am not saying it’s the end of all your problems, I am just inviting you to play with the idea that you are nothing more than another beautiful character in a bigger picture… How liberating? How fun? I’m all about smile, joy and learning in a non-judgemental environment. Step outside of your comfort zone, our paths are crossing, it might be for a reason!

Dream time Workshop with Andrea Traldi

Dreams and visions have always been key to great scientific discoveries, art creation, crucial decisions in business, politics and battle. Dreams and visions can also guide us towards the right path in our daily life. Every ancient civilization has traditions that connect practical knowledge to intuition, divination, messages from our ancestors, messages from the future. Join us for these exciting workshop and discover a simple strategy to channel information from dreams and visions. Intuition can help us reconnect to ourselves, to our inner guide, and take decisions that make our life better not only because they make sense, but because they feel good. The doors of Dreamtime are open!


Since 1997 Andrea is an international artist who works with installations, performance, and mixed-media. Andrea Traldi is involved in the following current Projects:

– co-founder and Head of International Programs for holistic Arts & Science research platform – Becomebecome – www.becomebecome.com

– co-founder and General Manager at Sala Wellco® – Personal development inside professional development – www.wellco.work

– Director of international Programs – Anatomy of Movement® – Spain, Latin America, English speaking Countries – www.anatomiaparaelmovimiento.com

And many academic Milestones: Ph.D. Candidate at Plymouth University – Fine-Arts in Milan – Brera Academy of the Arts (partial) and more …

Medical Qigong Therapy Lecture with Charlie Harjulin

Source Qigong is a form of Medical Qigong Therapy, one of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this form of TCM therapy, the practitioner emits
Qi or Prana is the life force behind all activity in the body. When qi is clear, flows and is balanced there is no illness. Source Qigong Therapy is an effective way to treat any physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual imbalance. It is complementary to all forms of eastern and western medicine.

Emotional Intelligence Conference With Jose-Antonio Peral

Teacher – Personal & Professional Coach, Jose is passionate about everything related to learning, communication and human self empowerment, he considers Emotional Intelligence as the clue base of real personal development. Emotional Intelligence: Being the ability of identifying, understanding and managing both our own and the other’s emotions, there’s not real human freedom without the emotional intelligence required to use your emotions, instead of being used by them. Learning to manage your emotions will allow you to thinking, acting and feeling in a way making you both happier and immensely more efficient in your professional, sentimental and familiar life. If you don’t use your emotions, your emotions will use you. A question of choosing, and learning to do it.

Workshop - https://beyoguievent.com/workshops-conferences/

Free Your Elements Dance By Angela Bacon

How can you express your inner world through dance? Can you use dance as a therapeutic tool for understanding yourself? By using creative dance improvisation techniques around the structure of the four elements, this especially designed 3 day’s workshop offers you the opportunity to go deeper into your own personal essence of dance and movement. You will be:

  • Deepening your connection to the body.
  • Investigating how you can fully express yourself through physical movement.
  • Understanding how to connect with emotions through dance.
  • Challenging your normal structure and beliefs.
  • Playing and learning fundamentals of creative freestyle dance.
  • Opening up our bodies and minds for insights through the medium of dance.

Angela Bacon is a British Dancer and Artist based in Barcelona.

With schooling and studies in Performing Arts and Dance and Activity Leadership, she spent 15 years aboard, combining her passions of dance, healing, behaviourism, travel and performing. From working with dolphins and sea-lions, to teaching flowriding surf, aqua aerobics and dance classes, she is a qualified yoga teacher who now focuses on dance and shamanism.

As a tango dancer, with a base in Argentina for 6 years, she also dedicated herself to  study Plant Medicines in the Amazon Jungle. This is work she still continues, providing retreats in the Barcelona Area. She offers workshops in body movement and dance, shamanism and sacred circles.

During her workshop series, Angela will offer you the opportunity to go deeper into your own personal essence of dance and movement.

Our biology and physicality is shaped, effected and influenced by our personal history and social environments. When we balance and honour our body as an expressive vessel to integrate emotional and cognitive aspects of being, we create a powerful space for harmony, creativity, play and healing.

It’s going to be a deep journey together in a safe and contained environment. Ideal during the yoga retreat when your bodies are open and ready to explore. No previous skill or experience is necessary to work with your own connection to your body.