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A typical day on a yoga retreat with us!

A typical day on a yoga retreat with us!

What is a typical day on a Yoga Retreat with BeYogui Event? We suggest opportunities for people to learn, interact and experience with individuals all over the world in a sunny setting at the most beautiful coast of Catalunya, Spain. It’s a unique experience of wonderful interactions, talks, concerts, encounters, evening meditations, optional Mantras, and others.

On each day, we provide our participants a unique, joyous experience where we touch all the aspects of the yogic life. In our daily schedule, we offer meditation, asana, interconnections, encounters, conversation, adventures and celebration.

More than a typical yoga retreat, it’s all an Event!

Relax and enjoy our Yoga Event with a typical day yoga retreat following this schedule:

  • 8:00. Start your day waking up with the warm rays of sunlight in sunny setting at the coastlands of Spain.
  • 8:10. Have a short hot cup of tea and some fruits, and let’s go for the first yoga course to get your energy flowing all over the body.
  • 8:30. Meditation and warm-up yoga class: Enjoy performing yoga at this most beautiful, serene location.
  • 10:15. Walk around our stunning location to feel peaceful and relax both internally and externally.”We offer plenty of free time during the day so that you have time to explore our beaches, indulge yourself in the local culture and beauty of the region”. You can also relax by the swimming pool and have a massage or facial to enjoy the tranquil experience.
  • 12:00. After performing activities, enjoy your meal with a wide range of dishes at our delicious, vegetarian brunch.

The Afternoon

  • 13:30. The afternoon, you can decide and attend our free educational workshops: We offer Qi Gong therapy workshop, Dreamtime Workshop or Tapping EFT workshop for a duration of around 1hr 30 minutes.
  • 15:15. In your free time, you can visit our magnificent region of Costa Dorada or walk to the beautiful little beaches (Calas) which are located around the resort (12 minutes walking).
  • 18:30. Now get ready for another yoga class with our exceptional & certified yoga teachers coming from all around the world: We have hired a professional team of instructors who train you with amazing yoga poses to attain your inner and outer peace of mind and body.
  • 20:30. After this yoga class, get ready for a delicious, organic and vegetarian dinner.
  • 21:45. After the dinner, you can join us for a creative moment as we will improvise a small concert/Mantra/kirtan around the swimming pool, hanging drums and others musical instruments whatever we have at the moment.
  • 21:45. We might also have a special guest for an inspirational talk or conference open to all the participants about self-development.

Our exceptional daily schedule offers you a wonderful experience with meditation, asana, encounters, interconnections, adventure, celebration and talk. Relax at our breath-taking yogi retreat in Spain and enjoy now!

Beautiful Spot

The place, Aguila Daurada, is a lovely resort located in the middle of the nature, surrounded by a biosphere,  in Costa Dorada, near Barcelona. The ecosystem at this place is preserved which gives you a feel of being at a unique place. The participants can be part of an extended community or inhabit their independent space. And it looks like a small village, bounded by magnificent hills over one side and beaches with coves on the other side, which are 1km away.

Enjoy your yoga retreat in this unique and beautiful resort, witch offers you best accommodation, educational workshops, delicious, organic healthy meals and free Wi-Fi. Each day you will enjoy the unique experience at this exotic place touching all aspects of the yogic life.

Typical Yoga Retreat in Spain- www.beyoguievent.com

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The adventure BeYogui Event

BeYogui Event is conducted by a team of professionals who have dedicated their time to create and envision this special event for all yoga lovers. This yoga retreat event is all about offering opportunities for self-discoveries, personal development as well as human connections.

We select the collaborators and instructors carefully. They are highly qualified, authentic and bright people who are committed to sharing their knowledge with others. We believe in harmony and balance within our self, environment, food, and people to create an honourable and natural circle.

Complete training as a yoga teacher for 200hrs with experienced and highly qualified instructors. The BeYogui Event also offers Yoga Alliance certification for all participants on completion of the course. Enjoy the one-week typical yoga retreat with well-known, certified teachers, from all over the world. There are also many conferences and educational workshops at BeYogui Event. We offer massages, beautiful accommodations, swimming pool, beaches along with other activities linked with our peaceful surroundings. You will also have organic, delicious vegetarian food.


We offer all the activities which are the reflection of our time. We propose events which are for all aspirations and cultures, opportunities for all to gain self-development and offer awareness to all participants. Our yoga retreats are meant for all individuals so we have different levels of yoga. Our retreats aim at creating an inner as well as outer balance for the participants in order to enjoy humble joys in their life.

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Enjoy your holidays with BeYogui Event yoga retreat in this beautiful place in Spain! Book yourself now and choose your dates, we will be there from June 26 to July 17, 2019.

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