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Our top 5 yoga retreats for summer 2019

5 top Yoga retreats around the world for summer 2019

Ever wonder how will it feel like to travel the world for yoga retreats and find your perfect destination? A destination you always dreamed for? Just imagine, a place that gives you the best experience of yoga practices like never. It will help you in ways you never thought it would, not just make you feel mentally and physically relaxed. But how will you know what is the right destination for you? Well that’s what we are here for.

We have carefully selected 5 of the best destinations in the world you could visit for your yoga retreats this summer 2019.

1/ BeYogui Event in Spain, Europe

BeYogui Event chose a beautiful resort in known as Aguila Daurada. It’s located in the middle of the nature giving a peaceful view in the Costa Dorado near Barcelona (Spain). The place is surrounded by a beautiful and well-preserved ecosystem which allows a human body to feel like it has entered a unique place. It has a resemblance of a small village with a magnificent hill on his side. There are numerous pathways around this amazing spot leading the visitors towards beaches and coves 1 km away on the other side.

The special summer yoga retreats are being offered in this beautiful platform with well trained and quality staff that will guarantee to give you a life time experience of your life. They are specially trained in yoga practices and are highly competent in their work. Their yoga practices cover all types and are designed to provide your body the outer and inner peace


The session begins comprising of three schedules that are:

It’s a one-week yoga retreat with workshops starting from € 612. It will include workshops, special guests, mantras, entertainment, yoga practices and many more…

Yoga Costa Dorada

2/ The Ark – Ubud in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there is a nice place known as The Ark in Ubud, this small but lovely town in Bali, Indonesia. It is a center for traditional crafts and dance. This place constitute of a beautiful space that is surrounded by the rice fields and a lush jungle. People there treats and nourish its customers while working on a yoga retreat adventure. With a selection of luxurious suites, rooms, apartments and a dorm, individuals will find themselves in the space at the Mindful Earth Retreats.

The yoga offered at Ubud comprises of making a person feel the inner joy and happiness he has been striving to look for. The people in Indonesia are quite accessible. In the retreat, they will welcome you with a gift and will connect you with all the people around, so you will be friends and enjoy your time together.

The session of 1 week begins at July 28 to August 3, 2019 starting from € 1055.

Yoga Bali Ubud3/ Nat Kendall at the Pipe Ranch – Montana in North America

​In North America, Montana, there is a unique place called Pipe Ranch. It is one of the oldest centers for yoga retreats in the country. It is a relaxed, peaceful and nature driven platform that provides its guests with the luxurious experience they could ever have. They can wander in sacred land, explore ambling brooks that are being fed there by the pure mountain springs, and stare gaze at night. Because there is amazing diversity there, people can easily find community with others. There is an open lawn in the shade of cottonwood trees there with quaking aspens, and a fragrant pine, giving an exquisite view.

The Pipe Ranch is one of America’s premier retreat centers. This is a place where the visitors who have already had experience come again. The place has been proving the yoga retreats for the past 40 years and the staff is quite excelled over there.

As per their summer one-week yoga retreats, Nat Kendall will host his yoga retreat between  July 6 to 12, 2019. Prices starting from € 1,391.

4/ Blue Osa in Costa Rica, Latin America

Blue Osa is a yoga and retreat spa. There is a tropical atmosphere with abundant wild life and outdoor adventure at the beach. It is filled with a home like structure providing organic foods and farm with table meals along with the stunning ocean view on one side. This place has assured that the type of yoga it will provide its customers will be therapeutic and will physiologically and psychologically heal them. The people experiencing this yoga will get the inner beauty & peace, will have satisfaction and stability (both physically and emotionally).

The place to be certified in providing the best quality yoga retreat to its customers. It is an 8 days session in the summer for the yoga retreats starting from July 13- July 20. The price range starts from € 1,474.

5/ Sedir resort in Turkey

In turkey, there is a great hotel known as “Sedir Resort Hotel & Bungalows” that provides its customers the most charming and extraordinary experience they never had before. It includes a hotel, bungalows and suites that’s located in the coolest part of Dalyan. The location where the resort exists is itself quite the peaceful one. It is covered with lush green fields, a beautiful liquid amber forest, farms of orange and pomegranates. It’s a picture-perfect place for those who are in love with nature. All hotel ​rooms, suites and bungalows itself have a beautiful view on the surrounding hills, forests and a swimming pool​. This pace is perfect for the couples as well. You can either ride a bicycle, walk and explore the area or enjoy a drink in the swimming pool. It all depends upon you.

As for the yoga practices, this resort is launching its 8 days’ workshop in August and include multiple things like massage, scrubs, dinner, cleaning and many more. The date is scheduled from August 2 to 9, 2019. The price range starting from € 979

Yoga in Turkey

Well, this is all about the best yoga retreats places you could try this summer 2019. Look for the best option that suits you and just let go, relax and enjoy the show.

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