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Our top 5 yoga retreats for summer 2019

5 top Yoga retreats around the world for summer 2019 Ever wonder how will it feel like to travel the world for yoga retreats and find your perfect destination? A destination you always dreamed for? Just imagine, a place that gives you the best experience of yoga practices like never. It will help you in ways you never thought it would,...

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Which different Yoga styles for your Yoga Retreat?

Which yoga style for your Yoga Retreat? You might be wondering about choosing the best yoga style for yourself and feel sometime confused while choosing one. There are many different yoga styles which have evolved within the past decades. And there are also new yoga styles which are trending and have emerged from the last five to ten years. DIFFERENT YOGA STYLES...

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A typical day on a yoga retreat with us!

A typical day on a yoga retreat with us! What is a typical day on a Yoga Retreat with BeYogui Event? We suggest opportunities for people to learn, interact and experience with individuals all over the world in a sunny setting at the most beautiful coast of Catalunya, Spain. It's a unique experience of wonderful interactions, talks, concerts, encounters, evening meditations,...

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Where there is Self-Realization, there is Dharma Yoga Practice!

Where there is Self-Realization, there is Dharma Yoga Practice! Dharma yoga is a famous practice in India and US. However, in Europe, more and more people have started adopting this practice with time. There are many new schools and courses which have been introduced each day in every country. Dharma yoga is based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s classical yoga practice of fifty...

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Try the Ayurvedic recipe called Golden Milk (Haldi dood in Hindi and Urdu)

Do you ever think about what to cook or drink in your Yoga Retreats? Farida from ElefanteTrunk.com gives us her favourite drink recipe, perfect for a yoga retreat and also for winter coming! "I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Ayurveda recipe called Golden Milk (or Haldi dood in Hindi and Urdu).  There are so many recipes online and so many...

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Okra, a delicious vegetarian recipe with an authentic Indian touch’

Yoga rhymes with healthy food, especially if you go for a 3 weeks Yoga Teacher Training, or one week Yoga Retreat! Farida, from ElefanteTrunk.com, is a specialist of vegetarian and very healthy food! We are lucky, she gives us her favourite recipe! "I remember going to my grandma’s house and smelling the rich warm smell of the curries cooking on the gas...