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Which different Yoga styles for your Yoga Retreat?

Which yoga style for your Yoga Retreat? You might be wondering about choosing the best yoga style for yourself and feel sometime confused while choosing one. There are many different yoga styles which have evolved within the past decades. And there are also new yoga styles which are trending and have emerged from the last five to ten years. DIFFERENT YOGA STYLES...

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Why you should choose a yoga retreat in Spain?

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE A YOGA RETREAT IN SPAIN? A yoga retreat is a must experience once in a lifetime. It's an opportunity which allows you to travel worldwide and explore beautiful places. Yoga retreats allows you to discover new spots, interaction with new people, offers you to taste all the healthy foods with a perfect yoga experience. A vacation gets better...

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10 benefits of an intensive Yoga teacher training course

Why should i choose a 200h intensive yoga teacher training course? There are two options for becoming a yoga teacher – full year course and/or short and intensive yoga teacher training course. A 200h intensive yoga training program offers a in-depth yoga experience in a short span of time, in a picturesque and serene location, with some of the best yoga teachers...