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Synergy Yoga, a Method that works for All

Synergy yoga

Synergy yoga is an ancient practice that was derived from the tradition of Hatha Yoga of Bishu Gosh, an Indian, brother of Yogananda. This type of yoga is designed to practice a relieving exercise on a 20th century modern body of a human being. It deals with dynamic exercises that helps the body:

  • Ease the breathing problems
  • have physical and mental healing through awareness
  • increase flexibility without physical pain
  • develop strength, fitness, meditative flow and improve internal health.
  • It also helps releasing energy and improve emotional stability.

History of Synergy Yoga

As per the history of Synergy yoga, the yoga came into existence from Hatha yoga centuries ago. Although, people were not much aware about it as the practice was performed in India. There was a special school named “Guru’s Ranchi School for boys” in which Paramahansa Yogananda was learning the practice of Hatha yoga. He then taught the practice to his brother Bishnu Ghosh.

Peri Ness DeFay, the founder of the synergy yoga practice began to learn this yoga from a very young age from her Guru Hatha Yogi Mani Finger, who had been the student of Bishnu Ghosh. She was Born on 4th of July at 1946 in South Africa. When Peri grew up, she left South Africa for further studies in London and then later shifted to USA.

During her studies

Peri began learning different techniques of yoga traditions. But she despite of all the techniques and types of yoga she learnt. She still preferred the Paramahansa Yogananda Hatha yoga practice to be the best.

After studying different kinds of yoga practices and comparing them to the Hatha yoga, she learned back from hatha yogi Mani Finger. Then she came up with an idea of her own and developed her own technique of yoga. Following the practices of Hatha yoga for the betterment of a human being which was named as the “Synergy Yoga”.

Back in 1992, she opened her first own small studio in Encinitas, California which later received immense success that allowed the studio to expand and grow. This Synergy Yoga center was claimed to be the best yoga studio that ever existed in Southern California. In May 2008, Synergy moved to Northern California where the daily base classes continued, and the rest is history.

Synergy and Hatha Yoga

Synergy is known to be the meditative and systematic approach following the practices of Hatha yoga. It includes a series of practices carefully planned that are selected from the thousands of already existing yoga practices.

An individual stretches muscles that fix posture and improve flexibility. It strengthens the internal energy and prepares a body, mind and soul for being alert. As per Hatha Yoga, it stimulates and strengthens all the major organs of body and detoxifies them. Synergy allows individuals to improve themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Synergy Yoga leads to bring overall best for an individual’s mind, body and soul.


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