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Interviews ” How to become a yoga instructor”: Lauri Berkhoudt

How to become a yoga instructor?

In our series “How to become a yoga instructor”, we interview many yoga teachers coming from all over the world!

Lauri Berkhoudt, why and how did you became a Yoga instructor?

I found my new purpose in life

Not once before pampering myself with a retreat, I realized how life-changing these days were for me. It is where I found my new purpose in life: organizing retreats myself. I knew the first step was following a teacher training.

I’m both a teacher and a student

Putting a label on myself as a yoga teacher is not easy for me to do, as I don’t want to place myself above others. That’s why I always prefer to say: “I’m both a teacher and a student”. Every day I learn more about
yoga, and life in general. So, for me, curiosity is the first and most important element of becoming a yoga teacher. Luckily this comes naturally to me as my parents can confirm. After all, growing up, my mum
and dad introduced ‘one hour a day’ in which I was not allowed to ask questions. Always burning with curiosity, not a minute would go by where I wouldn’t ask why this, why that. I now realise how exhausting this must have been for my parents, LOL.

Be an open-minded sponge

In addition, I think it’s important to be an open-minded sponge. Absorb everything you see and feel. A good teacher training is also very important in my view. I’m beyond happy with the 200 hours of Zuna Yoga lessons I took; not just because of the teachers, but also because of the serene place. I followed the teacher training at Gili Meno, a small Indonesian island without roads and Wi-Fi. I still think this is one of the most tranquil and best places in the world. Returning to nature is something I recommend to everybody; especially whilst studying all the material, and most importantly yourself.

the learning process is on-going for me

Nonetheless, even after the 200 hrs Zuna Yoga and a yin yoga teacher training, the learning process is on-going for me; from reading books and watching documentaries to practicing yoga with different teachers. I
believe that the journey of becoming a yoga teacher will never end; I will never stop learning.

Become a yoga instructor - https://beyoguievent.com/yoga-teacher-training-spain/Lauri, do you have any tips/advice for people who also dream of becoming a yoga teacher?

  • Yes, don’t underestimate the magical journey. You will never be the same
    person you were before any teacher training.
  • Take your time to find the right school and location. I personally asked a friend to create an Excel-file for me to be able to rate the different options – Ibiza, Gili Meno, India and the Netherlands – according to my own criteria. This solution worked really well for me because it gave me a clear insight of what the best option was for me specifically.
  • My final advice is to be curious again. Simply ask your favorite yoga teachers where they followed their training.

Lauri Berkhoudt is a 200-hour certified Zuna Yoga teacher and Yin Yoga
teacher (100 hours). She is also the co-founder of One Day Retreat Ibiza

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