One week Cosmic Vinyasa Yoga retreat with EVA PEEL+ 2 workshops

One week Cosmic Vinyasa Yoga retreat with EVA PEEL+ 2 workshops

July 11 – July 17, 2019


Based on body sequences of postures performed in a progressive course, the practice of Vinyasa Yoga aims to find keys to greater ease and fluidity, seeking a permanent connection between the breath and the body alignments.

From a physical point of view, you will work on muscles strengthening the body in its entirety, relaxation, joint mobility and balance.
As for the mind, will help you to soothe your emotions and solve tensions to a better concentration and improved sleep.
Eva will teach you standing and ground postures as well as balance and pranayamas (breathing exercises).
Yoga classes take place in morning (dynamic yoga) and evening (Yin yoga) and last on average 1hr30min-2hr including meditation.
Eva adapts to everyone’s level. The material is provided.
If you wish to have a closer look at the holistic vision of Yoga where body and mind become one, Eva proposes optional lectures about the history of Yoga, nutrition and an introduction to various currents of the spirituality in Asia. These conferences are given in the form of KarmaYoga. They are optional and not mandatory.

Vinyasa combined with musical background soundtracks

Holistic vision of Yoga where body and mind become one

Yoga philosophy, beyond the physical practice

Standing and ground postures





  • Belgium now living in Paris
  • Vinyasa Hatha Yoga
  • Laurence Schroeder and Muriel Adri.

Eva Peel– the music of yoga
Passionate about music and singing, Eva Peel found a way to combine her DJ activity to yoga by creating her own musical background soundtracks for her yoga classes. A pretty unusual dimension that enhances and punctuates her practice.
Currently established in Paris, she always keeps an eye open on the opportunities to discover new inspiring places to learn and share. That’s actually how she came to yoga, travelling to India and Brazil among others, exploring various Yoga styles for almost ten years.
She keeps training during different internships in India. She is pleased to say that the philosophy and a certain form of spirituality attracts her it in the teaching of Yoga, beyond the physical practice.
Inspired by Laurence Schroeder and Muriel Adri, she is now acknowledged by Yoga Alliance International (500 hours) and has been teaching Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga since 2016.


From July 11 to 17, 2019 – 2 classes per day* (morning at 8.30 am and evening at 6.30pm).
Morning yoga class with Eva8.30 am**–10.15 am
Brunch12 pm – 1.30 pm
Workshop1.30 pm – 3.15 pm
Evening yoga class with Eva6.30 pm – 8.15 pm
Dinner8.30 pm – 9.45 pm
Conferences, Mantras/Kirtans, evening meditation, concerts9.45 pm – 11.15 pm
*First yoga class on July 11, 2019 will be at 6.30 pm, please arrive between 3.30 pm and 6 pm. Last yoga class on July 17, 2019 at 8.30 am and the last workshop finishes at 3.15 pm.
** Every morning, fresh fruits, nuts and infusions will be available before & after the class.

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Pricing of Our Yoga Retreats

7 days, 6 nights

2019 Early Bird Price
Shared* Room: € 970
2019 Full Price
Shared* Room: € 1065
Private Room: € 1215

* 2-3 persons
• 2 Daily Classes- yoga & meditation
• 6 nights accommodation @ Aguila Daurada
• Light breakfast and 2 vegetarian Yogic meals per day
• Free WIFI
• Workshops & conferences throughout the event

Not includes
• Airfare and airport transfer
• Insurance (travel, health and other)

​Discounted rate applies below:
›› Bring a friend – book together and you will each get a 50€ discount in the final price. Please add your friend’s name in your application form to get the discount, and ask your friend to do the same. In case of cancellation of one of you, discount will be withdrawn.

€ 350 deposit to reserve a spot

Enter your information, our travel-planners will call you back in 24 hours (excluding weekends and Spanish holidays).