Ayurveda retreat with Dr. Vijay Carolin + Hatha Yoga

Ayurveda retreat with Dr. Vijay Carolin + Hatha Yoga

July 11 – July 17, 2019


Ayurveda is the Classical medical system which originated in India more than 5000 years ago. It uses lifestyle modifications, herbal medicines, massage therapy and dietary advices to cure diseases and also prevent them and maintain health. During this one week Ayurveda retreat in Spain, Dr.Vijay Carolin will be giving lectures in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Ayurvedic medicine
  • Ayurvedic routine advised for each season
  • Ayurvedic daily routine to maintain health
  • 7 body types according to Ayurveda and their indicated food and habits
  • Indications for Ayurvedic massages

Massage therapy is used in Ayurvedic medical system as a method to cure diseases. Within Ayurvedic medical system, there are different types of therapeutic massages, with each different massage having different indications.

  • Udwarthanam
  • Abhyangam
  • Pinda sweda

>> Ayurvedic massages will be offered by Vishnu Singh & Rosa Suriol <<



Dr.Vijay Carolin B.A.M.S.

Dr.Vijay Carolin B.A.M.S.


  • India
  • Ayurvedic doctor
  • University of Kerala India
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Ayurvedic Massage & Yoga

  • India & Spain
  • Ayurvedic Massages & Hatha Yoga
  • Doctor Vijay Carolin

Doctor Vijay Carolin– The healing art of Ayurveda

  • Dr Vijay Carolin is an Ayurvedic doctor from University of Kerala India, practising in Barcelona, Spain for the past 10 years. He offers consultation in Ayurvedic medicine, gives lectures in Ayurveda and conducts Ayurvedic retreats in Spain.

Vishnu Singh & Rosa Suriol

  • Vishnu Singh, Master of Art in Yoga, graduated from the University of Meghalaya, India. His Ayurvedic treatments will get your mind off the most relaxing way.
  • Rosa Suriol, is licensed yoga teacher at the Equilibrium yoga & natural therapies institute, Barcelona as well as Unnata Aerial Yoga, Madrid.
    She will help your body and mind through extraordinary ayurvedic treatments.

>> Both are Graduated in Ayurvedic nutrition & massage treatments by Dr. Narayn Yadave Indian Ayurvedic doctor in Barcelona. And both have professional certificate in Ayurvedic massages (Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Udwarthanam, Kate vasthi,Shiro vashti, Nasyam) trained by Dr Vijay Carolin <<

Schedule of the Ayurveda retreat

From July 11 to 17, 2019
Morning yoga class with Vishnu & Rosa8.15 am**–9.30 am
Ayurveda course with Dr Vijay Carolin9.45 am**–11.45 am
Brunch12 pm – 1.30 pm
Ayurveda course with Dr Vijay Carolin or Massages with Vishnu & Rosa5.15 pm – 8.15 pm
Dinner8.30 pm– 9.45 pm
Conferences, Mantras/Kirtans, evening meditation, concerts9.45 pm – 11.15 pm
*First Ayurvedic class on July 11, 2019 will be at 5.15 pm, please arrive between 1.30 pm and 5 pm. Last yoga class on July 17, 2019 at 8.30 am and the last Ayurvedic course finishes at 11.45 am.
** Every morning, fresh fruits, nuts and infusions will be available before & after the class.

>> Discover our Educational Workshops & Conferences throughout the event! >>


Aguila Daurada is a lovely resort in the middle of nature, in the Costa Dorada, near Barcelona (Spain), surrounded by a biosphere, preserved ecosystem which gives the perception of being in a unique place. It resembles a small village bounded by a magnificent hill on one side, and the numerous paths lead to the beaches & coves 1 km away on the other side

Pricing of Our Ayurveda Retreat

7 days, 6 nights

2019 Early Bird Price
Shared* Room: € 970
2019 Full Price
Shared* Room: € 1095
Private Room: € 1210

* 2-3 persons

• 1 Daily Class- yoga & meditation
• 2 Daily Classes- Ayurveda with Dr Vijay Carolin
• 1 Weekly Ayurvedic Massage
• 6 nights accommodation @ Aguila Daurada
• Light breakfast and 2 vegetarian Yogic meals per day
• Free WIFI
• Workshops & conferences throughout the event

Not includes• Airfare and airport transfer
• Insurance (travel, health and other)

​Discounted rate applies below:
›› Bring a friend – book together and you will each get a 50€ discount in the final price. Please add your friend’s name in your application form to get the discount, and ask your friend to do the same. In case of cancellation of one of you, discount will be withdrawn.

€ 350 deposit to reserve a spot

Enter your information, our travel-planners will call you back in 24 hours (excluding weekends and Spanish holidays).