7 Days Rejuvenate & Amazing Yoga retreat in Spain + workshops

July 12 – July 18, 2020 - POSTPONED


For this 7 days Yoga Retreat, we will receive you at Aguila Daurada: it’s a lovely resort in the middle of nature, in the Costa Dorada, near Barcelona (Spain), surrounded by a biosphere, preserved ecosystem which gives the perception of being in a unique place. It resembles a small village bounded by a magnificent hill on one side, and the numerous paths lead to the beaches & coves 1 km away on the other side


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  • Canada
  • Ashtanga – Hatha – Vinyasa
  • Mooji, Ponja and Ramana Maharshi

Marc Antoine – The self inquiry of yoga

  • Marc is a multidisciplinary artist cumulating more than 15 years of experience among the leaders of the entertainment industry. He has performed more than 3500 shows with Cirque du Soleil as a main character in the production KA in Las Vegas.
  • Once he decided to retire as a performer, he started working all around the world as an artistic and Life coach with Cirque du Soleil. He also left to India learning about yoga and this is where his real story began…
  • Just landed in India, Marc arrived at the school and the teachers put him into the Ashtanga Yoga Program by mistake. And his whole life changed after the very first Asana.
  • He is now an Experienced Yoga Teacher and a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner. He’s teaching different styles like Yoga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. For him, the style does not really matter as long as the practice is there. If there’s a good intention behind the practice, any student will crop the fruit of their labour.
  • His real vocation is helping people grow. He has helped hundreds of high-end performers in their personal and professional life. He has taught yoga to hundreds of students no matter their level, age or background.


Marc is a very playful yoga teacher. He believes that Yoga is something to play with. Which doesn’t mean we don’t play seriously as he is a very disciplined practitioner and teacher. In this yoga retreat, no matter if you never did yoga before or if you are a well-experienced yoga practitioner, Marc will make you feel very comfortable. He will use different style of yoga like Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga :

  • You will learn and practice different postures (Asanas) and sequences of posture (Yoga Flow) adapted to all level of practice and ages.
  • Different breathing technics such as Pranayama will be used during his teachings.
  • You will discover how to relax and even sleep more efficiently.
  • You will experience sound bath with meditation bowls.
  • The practice is suitable for both young and old and for people from all walks of life.

=> Morning yoga: a soft yoga flow to wake up the mind and the body + Guided meditation with Tibetan bowls.
=> Optional: 2 short silent walk will be organised during the week // “After lunch” conversation. Many yoga-related topics will be talked about.
=> Afternoon Yoga Flow: This flow will target certain aspects of the body and focus on how you can use your breath to go deeper into the Asana. This session is about giving you the tools to bring back home and develop a sustainable practice on your own.

Classes run around 1 hr 30min.

Yoga Retreat Schedule

From July 12 to 18, 2020 – 2 classes per day* (morning at 8.15 am and evening at 6.15pm).
Morning yoga class + meditation with Marc8.15 am**–10 am
Optional Silent walk with Marc10.30 am – 12 am
Lunch12.30 am – 1.30 pm
Free time for excursions, beach, swimming pool, relax1.30 pm – 4.15 pm
Tea break4.15 pm – 4.35 pm
Workshop with José4.45 pm – 6.15 pm
Afternoon Yoga Flow with Marc 6.15 pm – 7.45 pm
Dinner8.00 pm– 9.15 pm
Conferences, Mantras/Kirtans, evening meditation, concerts9.15 pm – 10.45 pm
*First yoga class on July 12, 2020 will be at 6.15 pm, please arrive between 3.00 pm and 6 pm. Last yoga class on July 18, 2020 at 8.15 am.
** Every morning, fresh fruits, nuts and infusions will be available before & after the class.

>> Discover our Educational Workshops & Conferences throughout the event! >>

Pricing of Our Yoga Retreat

7 days, 6 nights

2020 Early Bird Price
Shared* Room: € 875
Private Room: € 1035
2020 Full Price
Shared* Room: € 975
Private Room: € 1135

* 2-3 persons

• 2 Daily Classes- yoga & meditation
• 2 Silent walk with Marc
• Optional “After lunch” conversation. Many yoga-related topics will be talked about.
• 6 nights accommodation @ Aguila Daurada
• 3 vegan or vegetarian Yogic meals per day
• Free WIFI
• Workshops & lectures throughout the event

Not includes
• Airfare and airport transfer
• Insurance (travel, health and other)

​Discounted rate applies below:
›› Bring a friend – book together and you will each get a 50€ discount in the final price. Please add your friend’s name in your application form to get the discount, and ask your friend to do the same. In case of cancellation of one of you, discount will be withdrawn.

€ 350 deposit to reserve a spot

Enter your information, our travel-planners will call you back in 24 hours (excluding weekends and Spanish holidays).