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Which different Yoga styles for a Yoga Retreat?

Which yoga style for your Yoga Retreat?

You might be wondering about choosing the best yoga style for yourself and feel sometime confused while choosing one. There are many different yoga styles which have evolved within the past decades. And there are also new yoga styles which are trending and have emerged from the last five to ten years.

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Here are the six most common yoga styles you will find:


The term Hatha Yoga means the basis on which all the yoga styles in succession have been built. It is the most traditional and widespread type of yoga, it focuses on physical practice and less on the spiritual one. Attention is drawn to the various positions and to the way of obtaining them while respecting the limits of one’s body. The name Hatha means sun and moon: the practice of hatha yoga tries to reestablish the balance of sun and moon in the body of each individual through the positions so as to feel complete and balanced.

So Hatha yoga is an almost basic yoga with simple positions and performed calmly and without any haste to which are combined notions of breathing, relaxation and meditation. Ideal for beginners, hatha yoga is used as a method to find a greater balance even by the most experienced.


It is considered as one of the primary types of yoga style. It is the most popular one because it has a fast pace with the rapid movement of fluid between the poses. Vinyasa yoga is actually defined as a yoga style which includes Ashtanga yoga and Power yoga. It offers extreme flexibility and complete creativity to the entire body. The Vinyasa yoga style can be customized depending on your level as it makes your muscles warm with increased heart pumping. It is not considered a spiritual type of yoga style instead it offers beneficial effects to your body where you can see the instant results eventually.


Probably the most famous yoga style after Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga is known to help lose weight. It combines in fact the regular benefits of yoga with very high cardio rhythms and provides that between one position and another there is no rest. The positions are always the same and are repeated without pause. Pattabhi Jois was the founder of this ancient yoga practice. It is a very strict style with certain predetermined sequences and is also known for positions always performed in the same order and interspersed with a small dynamic sequence called Vinyasa. During an Ashtanga class, alignment is not fundamental, but rather the energy that flows between breath and movement. It is recommended for those who want to sweat and need an intense practice that warms and tones the whole body


The founder of this lineage is Sikh guru named Yogi Bhajan. This yoga style is very different from other yoga styles. It is quite challenging mentally and physically. This yoga pose allows you to meditate, helps in releasing your entrapped energy and allows you to break the internal barriers. Kundalini Yoga helps you to achieve the high levels of self-awareness within yourself. It is something more than your workout practice. It emphasizes on your internal aspects such as meditation, spiritual energy, and breath work. In kundalini practices, you need to follow repetitive and fast motions for a few minutes. It emphasizes on mantra, chakra, chanting, and meditation.


In this yoga style, you need to perform poses with a specific sequence. You can mix match this yoga poses during your practice. However, you need to practice with complete focus and attention so that you are précised regarding your timing for each movement along with your form and breath. It all depends on you that which yoga style you prefer performing. You can always mix and match different poses once in a while. It is the best yoga practice if you are picky about details and precision, your body alignment, movement, and anatomy.


It is a gentle yoga pose where you have to perform 13 poses while lying down between different poses. The Sivananda yoga pose is completely adaptable for most people depending on their physical abilities. The guru for this lineage is Swami Sivananda, this yoga style established during the 20th century. It starts with sun salutations that are moderately-paced. This yoga style includes several savasanas where you need to deeply relax in each corpse pose. The Sivananda yoga style focuses on yogic texts and philosophy of Bhagavad Gita along with the meditation pranayama as well as Ayurveda nutrition.

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And here are tree other yoga styles who grew a lot since 10 years which you can also practice at Beyogui Event:


It is an electric type of hatha yoga which incorporates the teachings and philosophies of Buddhists along with a complete focus on Tibetan or Zen Buddhist forms of meditation. During this yoga style, you need to hold your breath during each pose. It is usually described as the yoga style with a slower pace and easily accessible to all guests at the beginner stage. The practice of Dharma yoga style allows you to increase the concentration level and control your thoughts. Dharma yoga is a type of devotional practice where it emphasizes complete peace of mind and soul.


Synergy yoga is defined as a comprehensive method which allows you to practice traditional yoga. It brings self-awareness and brings peace to your soul and heart. Synergy yoga is responsive, safe, offers meditation as well as fun. Synergy yoga increases the flexibility of the body and helps in building strength with increased circulation throughout the body. It enhances the heart rate and increases the oxygen level to the cells of the body. Synergy yoga also offers a deep understanding of the physiology and anatomy of an individual’s body. It provides recovery and prevention against several musculoskeletal injuries and other medical conditions.


Most of the people also enjoy performing restorative yoga as their basic yoga style. In this yoga style, you need to perform gentle poses which you need to hold for an extended duration while having support from various props. The poses performed during the restorative yoga include:

  • twisting
  • forward folds
  • gentle stretches which allows you to relax.

In this yoga style, you have to lie down on the floor using props like blankets bolsters or blocks which allows the practitioners to attain the relaxed position.

Different Yoga Styles - www.beyoguievent.com
BeYogui Event Yoga Retreats:

BeYogui Event is a place which proposes many different yoga styles for our guests. So you can choose the date and style according to your preference and enjoy performing different yoga poses in a serene environment with complete peace of mind and soul. You are most welcome to join us and enjoy performing yoga under trained yoga professionals. Join our yoga retreat now to enjoy the session of yoga with highly, professional and trained yoga teachers.



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