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9 tools to be a yoga teacher

Our 9 tools to be a yoga teacher

Many yoga practitioners will, at some point, being placed in a teaching position. Sometimes it’s a co-worker that never really tried yoga before and wants a gentle “one on one” introduction. First thing you know, you end up in an Adho Mukha Shvanasana between to desks at the office… Sometimes, it’s the fruit of a dedicated practice that naturally leads to the important responsibility involved in being a Teacher.

The motivation to get your YTTC will depend only on you!

However, here’s our top 9 tools to be a yoga teacher, for you to enhance your teaching skills. Those are tools that you can start using today or after attending our YTTC in Spain.

1 / Practising yoga yourself in your daily life!

Make it a way of living. It always shows when a teacher is not a practitioner. And many Yoga teachers forget that teaching starts with a strong personal practice. It’s this personal practice that you are sharing with your student, not only what you’ve learned in your last YTTC…

2 / Change your routines

Once you are settled in as a yoga teacher. Once you feel comfortable enough, surprise yourself! Change your routines, invite your students outside and offer the class in nature… This will motivate your students to come back over and over.

3 / Small notebook and drawings always at hand!

Do not be shy about taking notes or having notes in front of you. As long as they do not block the flow of your class, use them! All good teachers accept that they will always be good students!

4 / Ask if some of them have special pain or past injury

And be attentive to them during certain poses! This is crucial! Not only it’s a safety thing but it’s also a way that your student will feel acknowledged and respected. And, remember you are not a doctor, you’re a Yoga Teacher!

5 / Be sensitive to the general feeling of the students

Sometime, they will be all over the place, some other time they will be sleeping in the middle of a Sun Salutation. Work with them, ask them some feedback and adapt the class to their state of mind and body.

6 /Choice of your music

Do not choose your personal favorite song! Go for music that will support your teaching, not exposing your own very personal taste for country music, opera, soft rock…etc. Start from your flow, then choose the music that will enhance the state of mind-body that you are looking for.

7 / Personalize your Savasana

In the Savasana, add your little personal touch to the last step of the class. This is what the students will remember the most! Do you sing? Are you a massage therapist as well? Did you ever try meditation bowls and gongs? Are you a good storyteller?

8 / All mistakes will be forgiven if they are made with love and pure intention!

9 / Remember that you are a teacher to share some sustainable knowledge

You will impact people’s lives in a positive way and they will impact others in a positive way as well. It’s a responsibility that can only be taken with a smile, love, and joy!

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When you leave your Yoga Teacher Training to be a yoga teacher, always see yourself as an eternal student. There’s no such thing as being only a teacher. This will develop humility and this is from where your real yoga teacher voice will rise.

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