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5 things to keep in mind during a Yoga Teacher Training Course

5 things to keep in mind during your Yoga Teacher Training Course

So, you’ve signed up for a Yoga Teaching Training Course, you are ready to get your yoga certification. You plan all of your trips, you have your Visa ready, your flight booked, you packed your stuff…

However, here are 5 things to keep in mind during your next YTTC to really make the best out of your unique experience:

1 / You have nothing to prove to anyone!

You are here to learn. You are not here to prove to the other students that you are a real Yoga beast and you can perform crazy Asana. Your teacher probably has seen hundreds of yoga practitioners from all levels taking a YTTC… Even your teacher will not be impressed by your circus performance. This will lead automatically to conflicts. A yoga teacher training program is something to take with humility. No matter your level as a practitioner, leave it aside and try to start as a blank page. If you’re comfortable with certain Asana, try to find a way to go deeper instead of showing off your skill. Believe it, there’s always a way of going deeper into your practice!

2 / Do not teach the teacher

Even if you already have extended experience as a Yoga Teacher, leave it aside as well. Everybody has a unique path and a unique way of teaching. You have your own, the others have their own. If you know everything, you should know that humility is the key everywhere in life and mostly in Yoga!

3 / Focus on the group energy

Try to think outside of yourself. Try to make your questions worth it for everyone. Participate in the group spirit. If you’re a natural leader, take the lead or let other lead as well (which if the main quality of a real leader, by the way…). Support your team, spread joy all around you. Encourage others in their practice, be available for your friend if they need support, share your experience, your knowledge. Your personal little “gain of knowledge” shouldn’t kill the flow of the class. If you have a question, make sure it’s the right time to ask your teacher. And, one last thing, gossiping is entertaining but will never make a healthy group spirit!

4 / Be respectful with the organizer

A Yoga Teacher Training Program is not a vacation… They are mostly offered in the form of a retreat and, believe it or not, a retreat is not 100% a vacation either. It’s the act of removing yourself from your everyday life. We could go deeper saying it’s removing yourself from yourself and simply be present, in the “now” for a couple of days, weeks, months… The organizers of a Yoga Teacher training course are making their best to support you in your gain of sustainable knowledge. Their unique goal is to facilitate this gift you gave to yourself which is removing you from your daily stress, concerns, and expectations. Yes, there might be some imperfection here and there, be respectful and manifest your concern as a future yoga teacher and not a client of an all-inclusive hotel resort in Cancun… Talk to the organizers in a constructive, positive way in order to improve their retreat.

5 / Take advantage of the time and space

I know you will do yoga like never before. You will have several sessions per day. You might feel tired, you might also be fed up with it at some point. However, most of the Yoga Teacher Training course is taking place in a unique place. Take advantage of it, practice on your own on the beach, go meditate in the garden, take a walk on a mountain… take the time to immerse yourself in the place you are. You will never do the exact same Yoga teacher training program again… This is once in a lifetime, make the best out of it!

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When you start your Yoga Teacher Training course to be a yoga teacher, always see yourself as an eternal student.  This will develop humility and this is from where your real yoga teacher voice will rise.

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